August 18, 2017

Surviving the Weekend

  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    Surviving the Weekend

    Drinking is a common activity for Providence College students on the weekends. While some choose to drink for pure entertainment, others choose to abstain from drinking alcohol, which is something River Hutson encourages. Hutson, who describes herself as a painter, poet, comedian, and author was featured on Good Morning America, Showtime, and CNN was invited to give a presentation on alcoholism by the Office of Residence Life at Providence College. Her talk, entitled “Surviving the Weekend,” centered on her own personal experience with alcohol and sexual assault.

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  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    He Has Iron Walls Around This Heart

    He has iron walls around this heart

    Strong and purposeful are they.

    They prevent him from breaking apart

    From actions… and words one may say

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  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    Student Films Judged at 24-Hour Festival

    Could you create a masterpiece in just 24 hours? This was the task at hand for those who participated in the “24-Hour Film Festival” this weekend. In this Board of Programmers (BOP) sponsored event, teams of up to five individuals were challenged to create a five-to-10 minute film in 24 hours.

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  • News | Feb.17, 2011


    “Why had he married the eyes in the photograph?”

    -“A Little Cloud” by James Joyce-

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  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    The Night-Time Healers:

    I pressed Grady for more details but he refused, determined that we catch the next portal to The Central Valley rather than risk suspicion. We wove through the narrow dirt paths until the trees cleared and waited beside the grassy plan where portals usually arrived during later hours. When its golden glimmer materialized, we emerged into its tingling warmth and moved through space and time until we swirled gently into being outside the center of town. Grady and I glanced around carefully, and saw nothing but our own foggy reflections in The Great River. Grady walked quickly without uttering a word, and I followed him along the river’s edge until we reached a massive tree… Liam’s tree. We flew up to its highest branches and sat across from one another. Grady began again the story of Liam and Faye.

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  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    Congress Passes Legislation on Course Exams

    Student Congress could possibly be undergoing major changes in the roles of active and passive members. At their last meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 15, Maggie Cadigan ’11 presented Congress with a slide show expressing the opinions of active and passive members of Student Congress. This presentation specifically addressed whether BMSA and BOP should be active members or not.

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  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    The Mathematician/His Garden

    The mathematician,

    he lives in town,

    waters all the roses

    with mineral water

    & muffled syllables that


    in algorithmic order

    to make sense of:

    dew drop eyes

    that stare into shady eaves

    of the mind

    warm hues:

    magnify & explode

    through dew / red, yellow, blue like

    fat glow

    of candle flame

    makes clear

    the immediate atmosphere:

    a pencil etched grid

    of unfinished motions, contortions

    of eye, breath sigh:

    speech he spins

    to himself

    in aisles of bloom,

    a room of indefinite


    vast network

    of confusion

    he threads


    the order

    of his


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  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    PC Republicans Attend National Conference

    While many of us spent our weekends procrastinating, some Providence College students had the opportunity to travel and advance their political beliefs.

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  • News | Feb.17, 2011

    Professors Offer Three Views of Middle East Situation

    With much of the world’s attention on Egypt and Tunisia’s protests, the Department of Political Science, Department of History, and the Middle Eastern Student Association at Providence College hosted a panel discussion about the events occurring in the Middle East.

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  • Opinion | Feb.17, 2011

    The Shames Of A Selfish Society

    A true friend will act without the presumption of reparation. His act of kindness stems from his belief in the immeasurable worth of his friend’s life. The state of friendship in society serves as a good gauge for what it values. If a society holds friendship based on mutual self-sacrifice as an example, then it truly values human life.

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