August 5, 2020

Area Code (210) Baltimore

posted on: Thursday March 22, 2012

By Haley Webster ’14
A&E Staff

The Wire:

TIME magazine called it the best show on television and President Obama even said it is his favorite show. The Wire is a classic HBO drama that focuses on Baltimore’s notorious crime sprees. While it stopped after six seasons in 2008, it is still one of the most talked about series (along with other greats like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under) of this century. Baltimore, one of the top five most dangerous cities in the United States, had 223 homicides in 2010. And we thought Providence was bad. This classic show is acclaimed for accurately depicting the effect that institutions have on a range of people. Everyone from corrupt cops to hustlers share the spotlight. The talented actors have virtually no recognition outside of the show, which gives the series a level of credibility that other crime shows lack. Maybe the actor’s talent has to do with the fact that they are intertwined in the real and televised crime in Baltimore, as several of the actors have been arrested for drug possession and assault. Some Baltimoreans are less than thrilled with the never-ending associations between The Wire and their dear city. Would you be thrilled if your home was associated with high crime, corruption, and an inefficient municipal system? Others see the show a source of pride; they want their city to get more credibility for its complex drug ring system instead of Harlem and Philly getting all the credit. However, The Wire is less about poking and prodding at Baltimore’s crime and more about stirring a “social conscience” in viewers. The show will make you question if there really is any difference between cops and criminals, making it a clear standout for quality television.


Camden Yards:

Home of the Baltimore Orioles, this stadium rivals Fenway, and as a true New England native it means a lot for me to say that. As you come off the winding mess of I-95 into the great city of Baltimore, Camden Yards and M&T Stadium (where the Ravens play) rise up in the distance. The two neighboring stadiums are surrounded by never-ending Ravens/Orioles themed bars, restaurants, and shops, which are all located on Cal Ripken Way, homage to the Orioles legend. Located by the stadium, Boogs BBQ was voted the best stadium/ballpark food by ESPN, totally worth ignoring the restaurant’s name association with snot. Best part is since the Orioles are only occasionally successful, great seats and dirt-cheap tickets are easy to come by.


The Book Thing:

Every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. at 3001 Vineyard Lane, near the outside of the city, The Book Thing is in full force. A free book exchange with over 100,000 books, The Book Thing is a well-kept secret among Baltimore natives. Give what you want, take what you want– it’s all free. The exchange was started by teachers and a bartender…the start of all great things…who wanted to start a simple way of trading books, bibliophile status. The books were kept at the bar, but then their stock got so large that they moved to a huge warehouse where book lovers spend hours scouring the shelves for unique finds. This could totally happen at Clubbies or Louie’s, too!

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