July 13, 2020

Arrested Development Develops

posted on: Thursday February 14, 2013

by Marisa Urgo ’14

  Arrested Development is probably the wittiest show on television. It shows the dysfunctional Bluth family and how they seek to get their father out of jail. It has been nominated for and has won countless awards and was deemed “smart humor.” Their most obvious weakness is also their greatest success because the show relies on intricate pranks, one liners, and recurring jokes. To an inattentive audience perhaps tuning in for the first time, the wit may go unappreciated. Yet, these jokes are precisely what are most praised about the show. Unfortunately, even devoted fans could not save the show, and it was canceled after three seasons in 2006. Fans now have something to be happy about! Due to its surge of popularity on Netflix, Arrested Development will be given a fourth season. The show might not have done well when televised, but it quickly became a Netflix hit. Fourteen brand new episodes will premiere directly to Netflix this May. Netflix made the decision to release all fourteen episodes at one time, considering that many new fans watched the original episodes in that fashion. Releasing the shows all at once is a good decision because viewers may lose interest weekly or forget to tune in. My only concern is that the director has stated that each episode will feature different characters (except for Michael, played by Jason Bateman) and will be of various lengths. I trust the director to continue the hilarious work, but I do worry that we will miss seeing Lindsay (Portia Di Rossi) or Gob (Will Arnett).

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