September 28, 2020

Is An iMovie In Our Future?

posted on: Thursday October 20, 2011

Haley Webster ’14 / A&E Staff

You’ll shell out $199 for an iPhone and wait three hours while iOS5 downloads, but would you spend $10 to see a movie about Steve Jobs? In the wake of Jobs’ passing, the rights to a movie about his intriguing and monumental life have been snatched up by Sony to the tune of three million dollars. But in the scheme of things, three million is pocket change if this movie does half as well as the similar picture, The Social Network, which grossed over one billion dollars to date. With Jobs’ biography, iSteve: The Book of Jobs sitting at the top of the bestsellers list more than a week before its release date, it’s clear that interest in this visionary is quickly rising.

However, some critics are questioning whether the movie will succeed. In comparison to The Social Network there will be no scenes of Harvard ragers or a romantic interest, as Jobs struggled in his personal life and dropped out of college after just one semester. His products are far more advanced than Facebook, and the intricacies of Apple’s inner workings might not transfer well on screen. But will anyone be going to see the movie to learn about Apple? No. Jobs developed a following due to his inspiring and tumultuous life story and innovative ways of thinking. If you have read Jobs’ speeches and graduation addresses, his outlook on life is that of a modern philosopher. Jobs believed in sentiments such as, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” which propelled him and his company into the spotlight. So the question is, who will be chosen to play such a dynamic character? These are some of the men who are speculated to be approached for the opportunity:

Ty Burrell: You know, Phil from Modern Family. I can see a slight resemblance (tall, white, and skinny) but aside from that, I’m not thrilled. Jobs was a tad gawky—but gawky

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