July 13, 2020

Picks of the Week

posted on: Thursday March 22, 2012

Tim Morris ’14/A&E Editor



Grizzly Bear

In need of some relaxing music? Fall back on Grizzly Bear. The product of Edward Droste, Christopher Bear, Chris Taylor, and Daniel Rossen, Grizzly Bear impresses with its distinct sound: airy, hypnotic vocals backed by slow and steady instrumentals. The Brooklyn-based group has been active since 2004, but Veckatimest (2009) marks what is arguably its best work yet. And as if Grizzly Bear couldn’t get more laid back, the album shares the same title as the group’s place of inspiration-an uninhabited island off coastal Massachusetts. The tracks “Two Weeks” and “Southern Point,” both recorded in a church, show off the result of this inspiration: The vocals, piano, and guitar all take on a choir-like echo. No doubt, Grizzly Bear puts heaps of heart and soul into Veckatimest. The effort has gotten its music featured on Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother, and has won it rave reviews from Rolling Stone.

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