July 9, 2020


posted on: Thursday February 28, 2013

by Marisa Urgo ’14

  I was quite sad to hear about the end of the revered Café 412, but perhaps the saying is true that when one door closes, another opens. Yoo Sushi is the new Japanese restaurant that took the spot on 412 Douglas Ave. As an avid sushi fan, I knew it was something I had to check out. The atmosphere looks similar to Café 412, except the bar has been converted to a sushi bar. There is not much décor, aside from a flower and candles at each table. There are about four or five tables, plus a few seats at the sushi bar. While I appreciate intricate decorations and interior design, I do not mind a minimalist setting if the food speaks for itself. I think this is the case with Yoo Sushi. The menu is large and diverse. You can order any type of sushi roll or sashimi, along with katsu, tempura, or appetizers. There are many combination plates or specials that could save you a few bucks. I am a fan of sushi, but typically not adventurous. I usually go for the California roll because it is my reliable favorite. At Yoo Sushi, however, I decided to live on the wild side. I began with a clear soup (konbu seaweed broth), which I thought was delicious and tasted a lot like miso soup. Clear soup is new to me, and I think it would be a good opening dish for someone just experimenting in Japanese cuisine.

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