September 29, 2020

Top Ten Quickie Halloween Cosutmes

posted on: Thursday October 27, 2011

Haley Webster ’14/A&E Staff

Fran, Janina, Dot, or Ann

This is intended for girls, but if any guys are willing to try this then I can’t think of anything better. Wear a gray polo and make a nametag with one of the lovely ladies’ names. Then make sure to get the most volume possible out of your hair. Before your night starts, tie all your friends’ PC IDs around your neck and then try to grab strangers’ PC IDs all night. Extra points if you tell everyone who walks by to “have a great night,” Dot style.


Be PC Perk and wear a green polo, carry a coffee cup, and hang a closed sign around your neck. Not to be bitter or anything.

Basketball Player

Support Coach Cooley and the boys by being a basketball player. Come on, remember when Marshon was on the Celtics for three minutes? The lax bro trend is over, so swap your high school lax pinnie for a basketball jersey and baggy shorts.

Where’s Waldo

Horizontal stripes are always flattering so throw on a striped tee, jeans, chunky glasses and a beanie to complete this childhood icon. Go the extra mile and carry Waldo’s cane (…why does he even have a cane?). Make your friends rock the Waldo look as well, and you’ll all be unforgettable as the Waldo clan.


Before you judge, just know that this costume only consists of a body suit and balloons. If done right, this will be the best costume at the party by far. Dress in full green or purple and then tape green or purple balloons all over your body. Pin a construction paper leaf in your hair for the full effect. Once you’re dancing or wandering Eaton as a huge mass of balloons, this craft project will be well worth the effort.

Jersey Shore Cast Member

Do you think everyday is Jersday? If so, this costume is for you. For girls, all you need is animal print or neons (or neon animal print) to show off your orange skin and bump-it. For guys, jeans, an XS white wife beater, and hair that’s as spiked as a rum and Coke. You can only opt for this costume if you’re ready to live up to your reputation.

Civ Professor

This is too easy. For guys, you’ll need a nice pair of pleated khakis and a short sleeve (preferably striped) button down shirt with an obscenely colored tie. For girls, it’s finally your chance to sport the neutral pantsuit. Extra points if you are easily identified as a specific professor. Extra extra points if you bring the outfit back for seminar next week.


For a quick fix, a ninja costume is a great opportunity to reevaluate how much skintight black clothing you have. Go for head to toe black and partially cover your face. Since this is a pretty simple concept, you’ll have to sell it by acting stealthy all night.

RIPTA Driver

Wear a simplified version of their uniform by wearing khakis and a white shirt that has RIPTA written on the pocket area. Aim high and take a trip to Savers for the metallic blue jacket they wear and throw on some dark sunglasses. Walk in the middle of the road, crash into people when you’re walking, and carry an empty beer bottle in your back pocket—nobody will question what your costume is. Just be sure not to actually go on the RIPTA.

Cowboy/ Cowgirl

Always a safe bet, the ranch hand look never fails. This is about the only time that jorts (jean shorts) will be widely accepted, so embrace it. Combine your favorite pair of denim shorts (props to you if you go as far as cutting your own jorts from old jeans) and a plaid button-down with a cowboy hat and you’ll be set for the hoedown.


Add suspenders and lose the hat for an authentic Maine lumberjack costume

Grecian God/Goddess

This is about two steps above putting a sheet over your head and calling yourself a ghost. All that is required for this costume is a sheet and thick skin since nobody likes the kid who took the easy way out by pulling this collegiate classic. Add a little metallic makeup, put some plastic snakes in your hair, and nobody will think twice about how you’re wearing the same sheets that you slept in last night.

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