December 15, 2018

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  • Variety | Nov.08, 2001

    Taste of the Town:

    Alexandra Silveira Restaurant info:Cafe Tivoli385 Westminster Street453-2614 The labyrinths of downtown Providence remain largely unexplored as adventurers are deterred by an excessive number of one-way streets, an unreasonable lack of parking, and brazenly aggressive pedestrians. However, amidst the winding streets…

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  • Arts & Entertainment | Nov.08, 2001

    Theater Review: Bang and Blame

    by Erin Keller Play info: Closer Directed by Eric Tucker The Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre The spectrum is complete. In September, Trinity Repertory Theatre Company produced its Noises Off, which was pure fun for almost three hours. Recently, our Blackfriars put on…

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  • Arts & Entertainment | Nov.04, 2001


    by Dave Quinn In order to fully accept K-PAX, the viewer must suspend disbelief and accept the world created. And although that seems easy, fully believing what is in front of us becomes difficult when explanations and endings aren’t tied…

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