February 19, 2020

Alumnus Says Off-Campus Social Atmosphere Must Be Addressed

posted on: Thursday March 6, 2014

by Jim Smith
Guest Opinion

As an alumnus of Providence College, I think it is time for a campus forum to address the toxic social atmosphere which permeates our adjacent off-campus surroundings which is having a deleterious affect on the College’s reputation and the well-being of our students.

While the College does enforce strict on-campus rules of discipline, it cannot remain oblivious to the excessive drinking which goes on at neighborhood bars and house parties, much of it involving underage students. Although students are ultimately responsible for their own behavior, the College itself should be taking steps toward cultivating a safer and healthier environment for everyone.

That process should begin with a campus forum once students return from spring break. Besides students, it should include staff, parents, neighbors, and substance abuse specialists.

Should the College offer more social and recreational events on campus at night, especially on weekends when students are eager to flee the confines of the College for the party scene? Should the police be doing more to crack down on bars and occupants of houses where underage drinking is pervasive?

Ongoing discussions about these and related issues are long overdue at Providence College, but it is never too late to talk about ways to improve and safeguard the lives of our students.

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