July 9, 2020

Chris Slavin ’12

posted on: Thursday January 14, 2016

Editor-in-Chief 2011-2012

Part of what I loved about being on The Cowl was knowing I was part of a long-standing pillar of Friartown. Never did I feel more part of The Cowl‘s tradition than during our 75th year celebration in 2010. Meeting past editors and hearing their stories made me realize I was a member of the larger Cowl family, which was somehow even better than the bond I was used to feeling in the office Sunday through Wednesday. After the 75th gala, alumni invited current Cowlers to join them at Elmhurst Pub (which I had to assume had been more popular in their day than it was in mine). More stories were swapped and camaraderie deepened. On my walk home that night, I remember thinking about how some of the people I had just met once sat in The Cowl office and had to decide how to go about covering the Sept. 11 attacks. That image somehow helped me see the bigger picture around what I helped create every week. It helped me appreciate The Cowl as its own history. The pride I gained at the 75th celebration went into the rest of my work on The Cowl and sticks with me today. I’m proud to have been part of The Cowl during my four years, and I love seeing the youngest members of the family help our newspaper grow.

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