September 20, 2020

Corr Values: A Message to the Class of 2014

posted on: Thursday April 24, 2014

by Emily Corr ’13
Guest Opinion

“I’m not ready!” This is probably the most common statement by the Class of 2014 of the past academic year. Not only is it annoying to hear, by undergrads and postgrads alike, but it is also not true. Stop saying it. You’re ready.

You feel like you’re not because you don’t want to let go and for things to change. But don’t worry, this is not the case.

Among the things that will not change: You will still have ramen for dinner. You will still procrastinate. You will still depend on caffeine to function, and you will still love Providence College with all of your heart.

In fact, you will love her more than you ever have.

This probably comes as no surprise to you, but the world outside of PC is harsh. Yes, it would be nice to have things be easy from here on out. To land a great job, move into your first place, and continue the joy ride that was college.

But that is not what you were made for. You were made for greatness. Because of that, things are going to get harder from here. But remember: you’re ready.

You will work hard, because it will be expected and nothing less will be accepted. You still won’t be ‘rolling in the dough,’ because you’ll be using every last penny of your paycheck to get by. You will be lonely, because chances are you will be away from at least one person who holds a piece of your heart. But remember: you’re ready.

You’re ready because Providence taught you to work hard. Anything less than your best is a waste of time in the eyes of a Friar. You’re ready because Providence taught you that making money is not where your desires should lie. You’re ready because Providence taught you how to give and receive love.

At the Class of 2013’s Baccalaureate Mass last May, Fr. Shanley spoke about the goal of the Dominican Friars at Providence College. He said while they hoped PC had prepared us for a job, graduate school, or just to appreciate learning for learning’s sake, that was never their first intention. He said, “It was always our hope that you would recognize your individual and unique call to holiness.”

Providence instills in her students the desire to become holy saints, contrary to what the secular “real world” tells us is important. Providence has taught us securing a job is good, but doing that job with love is where success lies.

This is why you will come to love Providence College even more than you already do: because you will be grateful. You’ve been educated holistically, and therefore understand what true success is.

That is what our world needs. Individuals who will pour their heart and soul into every thing they do. Whether you’re crunching numbers at a nine-to-five or getting your hands dirty in volunteer work, pouring love and care into these actions is the unique and necessary touch they require.

Unfortunately, this is hard to come by in the “real world.” It will be one of the harsh realities that hit you after four years at PC, where friendly smiles and people holding doors are the norm. But that is exactly why you need to carry that Friar spirit with you after you cross the stage one month from now.

So to the Class of 2014: You’re ready. And the world is ready for you.

Just remember: heart and soul, always.

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