July 6, 2020

Dear PC Students,

posted on: Thursday February 6, 2014

Dear PC Students,

You took a lot of heat over the last week. Most of it pretty deserved. Your attendance at basketball games at the Dunk has been pretty dismal. But something crazy happened on Tuesday night. You showed up. And you stood up. And you were loud. I know the guys couldn’t finish off the comeback but wasn’t that comeback in the 2nd half a lot of fun? Did you feel the electricity the Dunk can have if you are there in force and making your presence known? The rest of the crowd feeds off of you. If you stand up and yell and start chants, the other fans in the building will join you. You saw first hand how loud the Dunk can be when everyone is standing and cheering on our Friars. Opposing players should want to HATE playing in front of you at the Dunk.
Tuesday night was great. But there are 3 home games left on the schedule. Only 3 more opportunities to see this team and great group of seniors, Ted Bancroft, Kadeem Batts, Bryce Cotton and Lee Goldsbrough, play at the Dunk. So my message to you is this: Keep it up.

Go Friars!

Mike Hopkins ‘10

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