July 9, 2020

Dear Providence College: I Won’t Move My Car, I Promise

posted on: Thursday November 14, 2013

by Josh Welch ’14
Guest Opinion

No, I will absolutely not move my car. Yes, I understand that the hockey games need parking, but if you can afford to spend $40 million on a new building and a new rink, you should have thought about a parking lot. It is absolutely your fault that you failed to consider other options. I pay $200 for the right to park in the Ray lot. It isn’t that big of an inconvenience to move my car, but it is the principle of the matter. Don’t assume that you are doing me a favor by “allowing” me to park closer to my dorm. Don’t assume that I am that lazy that I care about maybe a two-minute difference in the proximity of my vehicle to my dorm. I am doing you a favor by opening up space in your lot, which is unfair to me because I pay for that spot. I find it borderline hilarious that you call students who do not move their cars out of Ray lot, and tell us that we have to move them. You have no right to do that, and cannot punish us if we don’t. But I find it actually hilarious that instead of calling a student who obliged and moved their car to another lot, and explaining to them that they have to move it back to the Ray lot, you ticket them. Repeatedly. No courtesy phone call, nothing. But if we don’t move our cars in the first place then you call us at 8 in the morning on a Saturday. Seems a bit lopsided doesn’t it? I know that you void the tickets if students forget to move their cars back, but again it’s the principle of the matter. You aren’t doing me any favors, but you spin the situation so that it seems that way. It isn’t respectful anymore. I refuse to move my car. I never will, and I actually hope that in some way it costs you that $12 hockey ticket because that person has no place to park. I show my support for the hockey team by attending the games myself, don’t tell me I don’t care about them because I don’t play your little game. I pay enough money to go to this institution before the parking fee so don’t ask me to move my car. I won’t, I promise.

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