August 3, 2020

Al Qaeda Carefully Making Yemen a Terror Hub

posted on: Wednesday January 27, 2010

Kevin Cassidy ’11 / World Staff

The United States government is facing a difficult challenge with al Qaeda establishing a terror hub in the country of Yemen. The al Qaeda group has carefully cultivated ties to the local population and has a largely homegrown movement in the Arabian Peninsula. The U.S. government will have a complicated time dislodging the group in Yemen. The group’s main focus is to study the mistakes taught by Iraq and Saudi Arabia to develop a strong group of followers for al Qaeda according to The Wall Street Journal published on Jan. 22.Al Qaeda has worked hard to establish itself in the country’s fabric by becoming close friends with the local tribes. Gregory Johnsen, a Yemen expert at Princeton University, said the group has “done a good job of looking at the mistakes that other versions of al Qaeda have made elsewhere.” U.S. officials have linked al Qaeda members in Yemen to two attacks against the United States.The most recent was the attempted bombing on Christmas Day by Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab aboard an airliner headed for Detroit. Abdulmutallab told officials he received training from al Qaeda operatives in the Arab country. The other attack was a year ago on the Ft. Hood Army base located in Texas. One of the high ranking al Qaeda leaders publicized moving his family to Yemen, while another member married into a local tribe. According to former al Qaeda members, tribesmen, and local residents, the group is providing financial and social assistance in some of the country’s poorest regions. They are recruiting new operatives by any means possible.The nephew of Yemen president, Ahmad Al Majeedi, has said “The tribes in Yemen are practical. They know there will be a heavy price to pay for harboring al Qaeda, and more and more, the tribes won’t be willing to pay the price.”

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