August 3, 2020

Banner system to provide online registration

posted on: Thursday November 8, 2001

by Juliana Patsourakas

While registration is fast approaching and the battle to get through on the phones is inevitable, next fall students will be able to register online as part of the new banner system, according to Rebecca Ramos, Executive Director of Computer Services and Project Leader for the new computer system. The banner system has been in the works for a long time, and its implementation will be an ongoing process, according to Ramos. The four components of the new system include financial accounting, financial aid, human resources, and online information for course registration and scheduling, according to Ramos. “The need is that the current college system is old,” stated Ramos. Many students agreed that there is a need for technological advances on campus. “You can’t do anything online at this school,” said Ryan Delaney ’04. Students seemed to be particularly frustrated with the current phone registration system. “Last year, the system shut down. I had a 10:30 time and I didn’t get through until 12:30 or 1:00,” said Julie Holstrom ’03. Mary von Euw ’02 agreed, saying that online registration would be easier compared with the current system, which may take students up to several hours to register. Although the online registration system will probably make registration easier for students, it will not be a perfect system. “The banner system will not solve all our problems,” said Ramos. Besides online registration, more services will be on the web, including online scheduling, a list of one’s fulfilled requirements versus core classes that need to be taken, and past grades. Many students also wished to see an additional service: the ability to get midterm and final grades online. “My friends go to all different types of schools and they all can get their grades online. After you take your finals, you want to know how you did in a class,” stated Holstrom. The other three portions of the system should also make the administration run more efficiently and give students greater access to information. The Banner2000 Finance System allows the college to keep track of all its financial data through a common database of information and was first implemented in July. The Banner Finance System will continue to be expanded, according to Ramos. The Banner2000 Financial Aid system will put financial aid information for each student to be online starting with the class of 2006 in January and the rest of the college community in April. This will allow students to know which specific scholarships, grants, or loans they may have by looking online, according to Ramos. Banner2000 Human Resources provides faculty with more web access. They will be able to update their own files, including information such as personal emergency contact numbers, home addresses, and benefits information. About forty individuals are involved in the project and students are encouraged to participate in the implementation of the new system. Anyone interested in helping out can contact Rebecca Ramos at x2780.

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