August 14, 2020


posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

Bobby Bretz ’12 / Portfolio Staff

They deplore what I adore,Whose spires transpire on a higher planeAnd pious inside her conspireToward apocalypse, but no one really wants thisAnd I know I’m still a young prickWavin’ green flags and glow sticks,My skin still tight to my ligaments,My sin skills heightened and I might jones for Ritalin,I’m slightly musing, I might be losing,I’m cruising for a bruising and I rightly run on shoestringsBut don’t think, ‘cause you don’t see‘Round the whole scene or you can’t sleepSans melatonin roamin’ in your bloodstreamOr you don’t dream, homie, that you know me,‘Cause you can’t readBetween the lines of code that showed meHow to make G’s while I take Z’sAnd say cheese while I’m eight deep,And lately, what can shake me but a bad dream?But that’s exactly what you’ll seeIf you go back to the first scene and simply add some M-16’sAnd with a little inspiration they’re accumulating HadjiIn dead heaps, and red sheets,And dickin’ ‘round in Humvees,While half the world away, heIs sittin’ comfy-cozy, and he is one of many,With their creep leers and cheap beers,Snide jeers and wide sneers, they push fear,The over-simplified band of over-amplified menWho get their hands on microphonesAnd they can activate the dronesAnd they can make ‘em leave their homesSo they can glorify their bones‘Cause they were sheep, sure, and knew the Word,Got hurt and were unheard,Killed shepherds for the Shepherd,And what’s more, they deplore what I adore,They who think their spires transpireOn a higher plane, and sireKids to kill on distant shoresOr to be objects of desire for the pious ones inside herAnd you might say I’m a liar but not that I didn’t try, sir,So before you say goodbye, sir, and go home, and get domeFrom your trophy wife, and enjoy your cozy life,This is all I’m gonna tell you, when you’re outside at sunriseWith your red eyes, your banner and your pride,Can’t wait to raise those colors high,I know you choose to, and it moves you, and the news too,But ask yourself: Do you deserve to?

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