August 14, 2020

Clubs Recognized, Legislation Amended

posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

Kaitlyn Monast ’13/Asst. News Editor

With all the proposed changes discussed during last week’s meeting, Student Congress spent the majority of their meeting on Tuesday passing its bills, recommendations, and amendments. First, Congress voted on the status of the International Student Organization (ISO). Tinacho Chitongo ’10 discussed the club’s success, mentioning the fact that they had won the Best New Organization Award. The bill was passed unanimously, recognizing ISO as an official student organization of Providence College.Next was what many said was “highly debated” last week. The elimination of Committee on Planning and Steering. However, the Executive Board decided the vote would be postponed.Congress passed a piece of legislation that will require each organization on campus to be mindful of and encouraged to purchase sweatshop-free attire.Last week Kevin Higgins ’10, president of Future Friar Executives, brought to Congress’ attention the major difficulties they were having deciding next year’s executive board. Currently, the standing legislation requires members to have been active in the club for two years before holding a leadership position. The club, however, is weighted with underclassmen. The legislation needed to be changed in order for FFE to have a complete executive board. FFE proposed a bill eliminating the requirement, and it was passed by Congress.Next, Congress passed a recommendation by the Student Judicial Process Advisors. This recommendation would “support the continuation of the Student Judicial Process Advisors into the next academic year and years to follow,” and would allow them to “get started on the right foot” next year and all subsequent years.Congress voted on two amendments, changing the job of the vice president and changing who has an active vote on congress. To prevent members with low attendance from showing up and being able to vote, they changed the constitution to only include the vice president of the Board of Multicultural Student Affairs.Congress then began discussing legislation to vote on next week. There was a proposed bill to officially create the Committee on Outreach. This committee will function as “the connection between Student Congress and the internal and external facets of Providence College.”The next amendment discussed was one to add the word “undergraduate” before Student Congress in the constitution. After one club encountered this problem, members spoke of the possibility that a graduate student may run and fill a position on Student Congress. Congress debated a proposal to implement return shuttles from T.F. Green Airport. This was highly debated due to the difference in student arrival times, along with the potential for delays. Also, students questioned the possibility of hiring drivers as a part of the work-study program.”The details can be worked out, this is not necessarily part of the content,” said president Andraya Pulaski ‘10.The discussion was ended and the recommendation will be voted on next week.Next was Megan Bennett ’10, who spoke about the Core Curriculum Proposal that was recently passed by the Faculty Senate 28 to one. As

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