August 14, 2020

DEBATING ‘ROUND THE WORLD: Court Limits FCC Authority on Web

posted on: Wednesday April 14, 2010

Tommy Cody ’13 / World Staff

According to The New York Times, on Tuesday, April 4, a federal appeals court ruled against the FCC’s proposed regulations of internet giant Comcast, stating that under current law, the government had limited control over the Web traffic industry.The appeals courts decision halted the Federal Communications Commission’s attempt to heavily regulate companies such as Comcast by requiring them to give Web users equal access to all content, even if some of the content is clogging the network. Currently, all Internet service companies are permitted to block or slow specific sites and charge large online video sites, such as YouTube, higher rates to deliver their content more quickly to customers.The FCC is proposing the regulations under the banner of “net neutrality,” an ideology that

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