August 14, 2020

DEBATING ‘ROUND THE WORLD: Court Limits FCC Authority on Web (Against)

posted on: Wednesday April 14, 2010

by Sarah Laperriere ’11 / World Editor

The free market controls enough of our lives. The free market controls TV news media as well as newspapers, and how reliable are they? They’re totally biased in everything from what they headline and cover to how they cover them. I don’t want this type of control over the Internet. Sure, net neutrality would cause clogging and this would be bad in the short run for Comcast. However, these government regulations will just force Comcast to expand so that clogging will be avoided. In effect, FCC regulation will provide incentive for Comcast to expand faster and accommodate better. I guarantee that after this policy is implemented, internet access will spread at a higher rate. Net neutrality will be possible because the regulation will force Comcast to expand. The fact that a Federal Appeals Court ruled against FCC regulation seems so inane. In one ruling, the court single-handedly doomed the internet industry to mediocrity. People fear internet regulation because they are under the impression that it will expand more and more until the Internet will no longer be free. However, market domination will ensure that some users take precedence over others. In this sense, deregulation will lead to the market

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