August 7, 2020

Jaundrill Expands History Department with Eastern Expertise

posted on: Thursday February 11, 2010

Maxwell Kravitz ’12 / News Staff

Professor Colin D. Jaundrill has joined the Providence College community as a professor in the Department of History. With an expertise in pre-modern East Asia, Jaundrill is fluent in Japanese.”PC has been lots of fun,” said Jaundrill. “Students have helped me along. Before coming here to teach, I was as nervous as anyone.”Jaundrill considers the students to be enthusiastic and kind. “They are respectful and have made my transition into Providence very successful,” he said.Jaundrill has an intimidating resume. He attended Georgetown University for his undergraduate degree, followed by seven years of study at Columbia University. “I spent five years studying in New York, and two in Tokyo,” he said.While growing up in Connecticut, Jaundrill always liked the feel of a big city. “Washington, D.C. was a treat for me,” he said. “It was exactly what I was looking for. I also loved living in New York, there was always so much to do.”Jaundrill has been living in Providence since August.”Providence is very pretty, although I am still working my way around to become familiar with it,” he said. “[It has] great food. There is a lot to do in Providence.”Jaundrill began learning the Japanese language and culture in high school. “I was certain I would continue learning about Japanese culture in college,” he said. “Some of the best professors I have ever had were my high school ones.” History has always intrigued Jaundrill.”I love studying, experiencing new places and ideas,” he said.He uses a famous quote to explain why he loves to study history.

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