July 13, 2020

Lazily Lumbering Hippopotamust

posted on: Wednesday February 24, 2010

Thomas Nailor ’12 / Portfolio Staff

I’m just a lazily lumbering hippopotamustI’m just a beast driven to madness by narcissistic lusta beast controlled by instinct and antagonistic trustand the hugeness of my ego is shrouded by the dust.I catch myself wishing for a moment of climactic mirth,I grow even more disgusting as I leave the moorings of my berth.I feel the great immensity of all my gelatinous gray girthas I slowly drag my bulk from out the water to the earth.My filth stained teeth, so enormously…inconvenientare picked crystal clean even while I ignore the scent.Those who are able to avoid all my bitter disappointmentleave me crying as I face impotence in this final failing moment.The drive o’ertakes me, I lumber across the plains,my inability is enormous, my stumps they scream in pain.I choose to roar in triumph, yet I know ‘tis all in vain,for my very nature ties me down securely as a chainMy ears are absurd, their forgotten humble naturea reminder that I am cursed to be an auditory failure.Unable to hear the words that might save my very futureI’ll choose then to ignore them, if only to immureeach part of myself that I fear let see the light…Those things which leave her crying in the middle of nightafter I’ve stalled above her, finished exerting all my phallic might,and I’ve forgotten that I was driven here by a mind that is not right.I’ll leave her crying there on land and away is where I’ll slinkwith this desire sated, at least part of me will shrinkYet I’m left wondering why it is I can never stop and thinkI realize the answer’s simple, while I’m standing on the brink.It’s because I’m just a lazily lumbering hippopotamustJust a beast, driven to madness by narcissistic lust,a beast controlled by instinct and antagonistic trustthe hugeness of my ego no longer shrouded by the dust…

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