August 7, 2020

New CIS Policy Sends Scholarships Abroad

posted on: Thursday February 4, 2010

Jordan Frias ’11 / News Staff

The Center for International Studies has adopted a new policy for study abroad participants. The home school tuition policy states that Providence College institutional financial aid will now be portable for study abroad programs affiliated with the College. “Students will continue to pay PC tuition when they study abroad along with the study abroad fee,” said Adrian Beaulieu, dean of International Studies.Beaulieu believes that the policy will solve major financial issues that kept students from studying abroad in the past.”This now gives all PC students equal opportunity and access to study abroad, regardless of financial means,” he said. “As a result, we hope and expect that many more students will consider including study abroad as part of their undergraduate academic experience at PC.” Matt Terry ’12 said, “Kids shouldn’t have to go away and pay more than they do here. They should be allowed to bring the money they are already getting here with them [when they study abroad].”Before the policy was implemented, students were required to pay the study abroad fees associated with their program of choice, but their aid provided by PC was not portable. Now, students will be able to use their need-based financial aid and merit scholarships overseas.In the past, only aid issued from outside the College could be used to study abroad.The change in policy has been a work in progress. According to Beaulieu, Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., president of Providence College, the President’s Cabinet, and the Board of Trustees have been working on this project since April 2007. Beaulieu and Shanley discussed the possibility of adopting a more effective policy that would allow the student body to take full advantage of various study abroad programs with fewer hassles.Mary Kate Champagne ’12 said that the new policy will give more students a chance to study abroad that have not yet. She believes that the policy will make studying abroad an equal opportunity for all.In Oct.

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