August 14, 2020

New Core Curriculum Passes in Senate After Amendments

posted on: Thursday April 15, 2010

Devin Murphy ’10 / News Editor Emeritas

After two hours of discussion, Faculty Senate celebrated with champagne yesterday afternoon after it passed the proposed bill changing the core curriculum. The final vote was 28 votes in favor of the bill and one vote against it. The bill will now proceed to the desk of Rev. Brian J. Shanleys, O.P., president of Providence College. Shanley could not attend the Senate meeting because he is California this week. However, Hugh Lena, Ph.D., provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, spoke on behalf of Shanley. The bill had numerous amendments made to it before the Senate passed it. The Senate has been discussing core curriculum reform for four years. At the beginning of the semester, two models were proposed to the Senate: a cluster model and a concentration model. The concentration model was ultimately passed and since its passage has been subjected to much discussion and change.The amendment was presented Wednesday by Fred Drogula, Ph.D., Department of History. The amendment’s title was, “Amendment to the Drogula Amendment to Core Curriculum Foundational Component of Senate Bill 09-10/01/15 Changes to the Core Curriculum.”

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