August 12, 2020

Organizational Theory Class Reaches Out

posted on: Thursday April 15, 2010

Jordan Frias ’11 / Assistant News Editor

Amanda Kelley ’11 and Emmy Loefstedtn ’11 are among 15 other students who are taking Organizational Theory for their Management requirement with Dr. Thomas King, assistant professor of management. The class has renamed itself “Providence Cares,” which they believe is more fitting to their cause as a classroom.”We all have to plan and run a fundraiser of our choice,” Loefstedt stated.The class is working on raising funds for the following five organizations: The Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket, Camp Hale, Kid’s First Inc., the Rhode Island Institute for Refugee Resettlement, and Project GOAL. Kelley and Loefstedt commend King for his unique style of teaching this course, which meets two times a week and requires out of class meetings.Students must blog about their experiences at and keep in touch with one another through text and e-mail.The students split up into groups of their own and decided upon a non-profit organization to support. The only requirement enforced in terms of deciding upon a charity to support was that students must choose an organization within the area. Loefstedt and Kelley said that King did not want their cause to get too overwhelming for them. Restricting students to organizations in the New England area would prevent them from taking on too big of a cause.Loefstedt and Kelley appreciate the hands on experience that this course offers opposed to just “learning the theory” of organization. Members of King’s course must apply the material learned in their class to their organized fundraising initiatives.”It makes you look at things from a systems perspective,” Kelley said.Lofstedt and Kelley feel that this course is preparing them for reality in terms of working with others collectively.”A lot of us have to know what it means to truly work with a group opposed to working alone,” Kelley stated.The group of students worked for a greater cause by executing events and establishing relationships with various members of non-profit organizations.Dennis McLaughlin ‘11, David Palumbo ’11, and Ryan Wainwright ’11 tackled the issue of childhood obesity by working with the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket to establish health initiatives at the local branch. They plan on holding a 5K walk in the city of Pawtucket for all ages. Participants will pay a ten dollar registration fee which will all benefit the Boys and Girls Club.Kelley is working with Chris Khoudary ’11 and Deanna Roncaioli ’11 to fundraise for Camp Hale, a summer camp located in New Hampshire. Group members of this project got in touch with Mark Elbach ’11 whose grandfather is employed by the camp.Camp Hale caters to low income children and teenagers from Boston, who cannot otherwise afford to go to summer camps. The three month session at this camp costs $1,300 per camper. The Providence Cares team is looking to finance a camper this summer with money they raise through service initiatives. Their latest fundraising tactics will occur on Thursday, April 15, at UNO Chicago Grill at the Providence Place Mall and Wednesday, April 21, at Ladder 133.”Most [of our events] are off campus but relatively close,” Kelley stated.

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