August 14, 2020

PC Special Participant in Census

posted on: Thursday March 18, 2010

Jordan Frias ’11 / News Staff

Article One, Section Two of the United States Constitution mandates that a census of the U.S. population be taken every 10 years. Now it is time for the 2010 Census, and it is happening here at Providence College.Providence College, along with other colleges and universities in the Providence area, will be asking students to fill out census forms. The census form is a one-sided document composed of five to seven questions. Students are asked to fill out a minimum of three questions, although Emily Ghiorse, director of the Office of Residence Life, would like students to fill out five. For Ghiorse, the most important sections to be answered on the form are sex, ethnicity, and age. Residence Life has been receiving publications, calls, and e-mails from the U.S. Census Bureau for the past year. Ghiorse was directly contacted by Marta Martinez, a partnership specialist and Providence representative for the census.”They’re willing to work with us however we wish,” said Ghiorse. “They’re really great people to work with.”According to Ghiorse, the College can acquire various federal grants if census forms are filled out by every on-campus student. This initiative can specifically benefit PC in terms of off-campus programs. It will increase funding for programs and projects for students throughout the city.”What students really need to recognize is they’re the importance of this,” Ghiorse said. “Being citizens, being residents of Rhode Island, of the United States, that this is our duty. We need to do this.”

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