August 14, 2020

Tea Party Protesters Rally on Tax Day

posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

Molly Driessen ’12 / World Staff

On Thursday, April 15, tax day, Tea Party activists rallied in the nation’s capital to protest the Obama administration’s excessive taxation and government spending. The protesters arrived from Washington, North Carolina, Texas, and many other states. According to The Washington Post, roughly 50 buses showed up. The protesters expressed themselves through many signs that included “You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You can Vote It Out,” “I Have Awakened,” “When Injustice Becomes law, Resistance Becomes Duty,” and “Don’t Tread On Me.” Many of the signs had a coiled rattlesnake, which represents anti-government sentiment.Nationwide, about 1,500 other smaller Tea Party protests took place. The movement also has their own caravan bus called the Tea Party Express, which began its journey on March 27 from Nevada. They began there in the hometown of the Senate majority leader, Harry M. Reid.Their keynote speaker was Sarah Palin, a prominent figure among many of the activists. The movement showed that their revealed momentum from a year ago has remained and continues to be utilized. Some Republicans are looking to mobilize the movement to help defeat the Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections.According to The Washington Post, one protester, Kate McNaughton, said “You’ve got as many progressive Republicans as Democrats — look at John McCain. Republicans are trying to harness this energy. In some cases it will work. In other cases, I don’t think it will.”Jerry Johnson, a lawyer from Virginia, was quoted by The Washington Post as saying, “I came here because of what I see going on in this country. We’re bankrupt in America. We can’t run our households like the government’s running the country. That, and the idea of people [sitting] around on their butts. Fifty percent of people collecting a check are paying no taxes, while the other 50 pull the wagon. Normally I’m not a protester. I’ve got other things to do in life. I’d rather be doing all kinds of other things.

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