August 3, 2020

The Rest of Us

posted on: Thursday January 28, 2010

Alex BetGeorge ’11 / Portfolio Staff

HE should die younghe who says he hasneither inveigled othersnor beguiled himself.BUT the rest of uswho face the yearsfear the dayour flawed thoughtsare inscribed on our foreheads,for many would need masks.WE hope, perhaps, these masksmight deter some unheardtemptation when the Devilthrows its dust in our deluded eyes.THOSE most susceptible tohis fooling are His pawns whowillingly deludethemselves because they do not lovethemselves or cannot findsomeone to love them.BETWEEN life’s first exhalation (wail)and last (sigh), the pawns shunthe weight of the world of truth

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