August 3, 2020

Youth for Western Civilization Defeated

posted on: Thursday December 10, 2009

Meghan Conway ’12/News Staff

Over 100 students attended the Student Congress meeting on Tuesday, during which the voting members of Congress voted down legislation that would have made Youth for Western Civilization a proposed club, 16 to 12. Congress hotly debated the proposed club at last week’s meeting. A specific issue was first raised at the Dec. 1 meeting was the appearance of Providence College as a chapter of the national organization on the YWC Web site before Congress had officially sanctioned it. Other members of Congress opposed the group.

“I would like to remind everyone that this is about my club and this campus, and it should not be about any personal grievances that you have with our ideology or with us on a personal level,” said Tim Dionisopoulos ’11. “This is about the issues at stake and whether we can improve this school, which I believe we can. I would like to stick to the topics that have some meat to them, as opposed to gossip.” Dionisopoulos said that he would like to bring speakers to campus to speak to students such as political figures. The discussion then turned to issues of Youth for Western Civilization’s affiliation with the National Chapter of YWC.

“I think PC students’ memberships to the national organization should be independent of Providence College,” said Skye Hawkins ’12. “If Tim [Dionisopoulos] were willing to disassociate his group from the national organization of Youth for Western Civilization, I would urge Congress to put forth a new piece of legislation which would state this distinction.”

Dionisopoulos opposed the suggestion. “First off, I really can’t accomplish any goals with my organization without affiliation with the National Youth for Western Civilization because we wouldn’t get any speakers, funding, or connections,” said Dionisopoulos. “They have never done anything wrong and have been well behaved on every single campus. We cannot be an effective organization if we don’t have national affiliation.” Dionisopoulos then spoke of the club’s longevity. “We have six members here tonight and a lot of freshman support,” said Dionisopoulos. “We have a lot of members on our Facebook page?23 plus?and we’re hoping to grow once we can finally work with SAIL.”

Some students felt uncomfortable with YWC’s mission statement. On the national Web site under the “Our Mission” page it says, “We have the self-evident right and duty to work for the survival of our own culture and civilization

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