August 15, 2020

232 Words to the New AD

posted on: Sunday November 4, 2001

by, R.J. Friedman

The new Athletic Director of Providence College is scheduled to be announced today, Nov. 1, by Rev. Philip A. Smith, O.P., President of the College. While only a select few know who Fr. Smith will select, what we do know are the expectations he will have to deal with from Day One. PC’s new AD will immediately have to deal with the financial problems that face PC Athletics. Several sports currently battle for practice time on the limited field space at PC and will pull for the new AD to find more greenspace for Friars athletics. Many teams, like golf and tennis, will lose all funding at the end of this year, and may not return in the fall of 2002. Other teams, including Women’s Volleyball, will ask the new AD for more scholarships in order to stay in the Big East. If these scholarships do not come, certain Providence teams will be forced to move out of the Big East, and find another conference — a task within itself. Facilities, funding, and sheer existence — just a few of the issues facing the new AD. More importantly, he will face the daunting task of filling one of the most prestigious and difficult jobs in all of New England, finding ways for our small school to succeed in the big world of college sports. I wouldn’t want that job. Good luck.

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