July 5, 2020

Editorial: An Opportunity for the Administration

posted on: Friday February 19, 2010

The announcement of Steve Sears, Ph.D., as the interim associate vice president of Student Affairs and dean of students, marks a unique opportunity for the Providence College administration. The 2008-09 academic year started with an uproar from the student body over the new alcohol policy. Students felt as though their voices were ignored by Student Affairs and the administration. Much of the anger was directed at former associate vice president of Student Affairs, Chris Fortunato, who developed and announced the policy a week before the start of the fall semester. A new and yet familiar face, which is well acquainted with the student body and campus culture, is a welcomed change. Sears’ appointment marks a chance for Student Affairs and the student body to forget its grievances and reestablish a productive working relationship. It is important that students feel as though they have administrators who are invested in their well being. It is also a chance for the administration to acknowledge that the campus culture cannot be changed without the input of the students.The College needs to foster good relations with students again. If students graduate with bitter feelings, as many in the Class of 2009 did, it only hurts the College. Alumni who graduated with hard feelings are less likely to give back to future classes. If Providence College wants to become less dependent on tuition it needs to nourish alumni relations. And a College less dependent on tuition would be beneficial for all PC students, alumni, faculty, and staff.Sears’ enthusiasm regarding his new appointment as dean of Student Affairs and his willingness to reach out to students is promising. He is ready to listen to students, even if they offer criticism. His attitude will enable him to be the best possible liaison between the administration and the student body. His experience interacting with students will prove invaluable.We hope that all students and administrators seize this golden opportunity. Students cannot squander their chance to show the administration that they are mature enough to act as equal partners in making decisions which shape campus culture. The administration cannot afford to allow a majority of students believe that their voices do not count. It is time to change for the better. —The Editors

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