August 9, 2020

Editorial: Dialogues this February and Beyond

posted on: Thursday February 11, 2010

The Commentary section of this newspaper has often been the springboard for debate on campus, especially among students of opposing ideologies. Last week’s issue of The Cowl certainly sparked some controversy. An almost record number of letters came to us in response to “Misery and Cowardice: Present and Accounted For” by Chris Slavin ’12. Fewer in number but equal in passion were the responses to “Exposing the Myths and Fallacies of The Monologues” by Viviana Garcia ’12. (Responses to Slavin can be found inside on page 14, and Guest Commentaries on The Vagina Monologues appear on page 15.)While the inundation of letters from future accountants defending their major was unexpected, we were not surprised to see responses to Garcia’s article. February is an interesting month to be an editor for The Cowl. The debate over The Vagina Monologues has been present at Providence College for about a decade, and recurs in The Cowl annually. And as editors, we love it. We love seeing our paper read and hearing important issues discussed across campus. We love receiving Guest Commentaries and Letters to the Editor, and we love seeing links to our Web site on Facebook and Twitter.

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