June 4, 2020

Editorial: Hope In Assault Aftermath

posted on: Thursday April 15, 2010

The Editors

On Saturday, April 10, the Providence College community welcomed over 1,000 high school seniors and their families. These students, who have been accepted into the Class of 2014, were given the opportunity to speak with student leaders, attend Mass in St. Dominic Chapel, and take tours of campus. It was wonderful to see the way in which the student body rose to the occasion: students not wearing gray polo shirts or white blazers were eagerly answering questions about the Development of Western Civilization program and the quality of food in the dining facilities. On Saturday, PC students presented their college honestly, positively, and with pride. Still basking in the glow of Family Day, the College community was delivered a severe blow on Monday, April 12. The tragic and appalling assault of Yerkin Abdrakmanov ’10 by two male basketball players suddenly put PC on a national stage, and it is distressing to think that hard work and dedication of so many students is now overshadowed by this unprovoked and indefensible act of violence. It is not indicative of mainstream student values, and as Rev. Kenneth Sicard, O.P., said in his statement on the incident, “this serious and random assault violates all standards of conduct that Providence College expects of its students and is contrary to our deepest values.”True to the values of the College, however, is the show of support for the victim from his peers. Facebook statuses, blog posts, and tweets are informing PC students and populations outside of our community about the tragic event, and are soliciting thoughts and prayers. This positive action is the proper response to an incident of this type: A desire for Abdrakmanov’s recovery should not coincide with hateful comments directed toward his assailants. That is not the type of behavior that Providence College students usually exhibit, and they ought not to start now.Rather, it is an outpouring of caritas seen in immediate prayers and solidarity that is indicative of students at Providence College. That is what we all saw on Saturday when the student body leapt at the opportunity to show off their school. It is our fondest hope at The Cowl that we will always have more stories about the positive impact of our fellow students, and precious few that reflect such isolated and disturbing depravity as the attack on Abdrakmanov.— The Editors

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