June 7, 2020

Faith Matters

posted on: Thursday September 16, 2010

by Fr. James Cuddy / O.P. Contributing Writer

It’s difficult to express adequately just how good it is to have the school year underway. The summer here on campus was great, don’t get me wrong, but we here in Friartown miss you students when you’re gone. That’s why it was so wonderful to see the line of cars stretching down Huxley heavily laden with luggage and scores of families, waiting on the lawn of McVinney for their elevator numbers to be called. Perhaps the greatest joy for me, though, was getting the college community back into St. Dominic Chapel to pray together at Mass. It’s there that we come together as a family to celebrate God’s love and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. We ask his pardon for occasions of sin, and the grace to set out on the right path. We listen to the Word of God and praise him in song. And most wonderfully of all, we receive his Body and Blood in Holy Communion. But while these things happen at every Mass — at home, on campus, or anywhere else — I would suggest that there is something special about Mass at St. Dominic Chapel. It’s hard to say just what it is that makes going to church on campus different, but it is. And I know that many of you think so too. Instead of trying to describe the unique experience of praying together at Mass here at PC, I’ll simply offer an invitation: Come and see for yourself. Come and pray with your classmates. Come and experience the love of God. Come this Sunday. If you’re one of the hundreds of students who attend Mass, consider asking a friend to come along with you this week. Remember the old saying of Goethe (thank you, Civ): “Joy shared is joy doubled.” And as that joy doubles, and the semester rolls on, we’ll find that by God’s grace, there’s nothing that we can’t handle together. Yes, it’s good to be back.

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