May 31, 2020

Freshman Praises Western Civ Program

posted on: Thursday September 23, 2010

by Genevieve Ilg ’14 / Commentary Staff

Breaking news: Civ actually requires students to do their job of reading, writing, and studying. I am sorry to report that PC does not offer courses in Pre-Gaming or the Most Effective Ways to Sober Up. Complaining about Civ? Get over it and hit the books; you might actually learn something.

I was constantly told that my PC experience would be fantastic, except for that 20-credit core requirement that would inevitably make my life a living nightmare. After only two weeks, I believe Civ is making my time here worthwhile. I truly enjoy Civ and look forward to my 12:30 lecture every day. And the percentage of those who agree with me is probably as low as the percentage of natural redheads living in the world.

The interdisciplinary nature of the course provides each student with a deeper meaning about the world — an education that supercedes basic 101 courses found at other colleges. It is unfathomable to think that intentionally not reading or not thoroughly answering seminar questions would be beneficial. Schoolwork comes with the territory.

Lacking priorities does not aid in Civ success. Do students really need to party on Thursday? Is it not enough to get wasted on Friday and Saturday? However, an anti-Civ attitude is not solely linked to a student’s “need” for cheap beer.

Here are my theories as to why there is such a foul attitude toward this enriching course. The following instances psych out students from the get-go:

Friars Club Failure: I took my PC tour in the spring of my junior year. Some guy, proudly walking backwards in his white sports jacket, announced to the group, “This is Moore. You will have Civ here.” He proceeded to tell us that Civ is a miserable experience. However, Friars bond over it. Before I even applied, I was told that Civ was brutal.

Civ Survivors: What appears to be a school-wide tradition has turned into a school-wide advisory. After completing Civ, students are given a “Done With Civ” t-shirt. Nothing screams “you’re lucky to get out alive” more so than this token of academic success.

“Rate My Professor” Lies: I can attest to the fact that the descriptions of the professors on are completely inaccurate. Those blurbs tend to be written by students who are not willing to invest time into their education.

Instance number three leads me back to my point. Civ will be a miserable experience if you go into it thinking it will be. College does require a sincere commitment and investment of time and energy. But it shouldn’t be any surprise that, as a student, you are expected to act like one. So, stay positive, stop complaining, and do your job.

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