July 5, 2020

Give Us Moore!

posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

Kerry Vaughan ’12 / Commentary Staff

My first Civ seminar as a fourth semester sophomore started as most introduction seminars tend to. There was a quiz, which had on it some questions concerning Friedrich Nietzsche that I am not sure Nietzsche himself could have answered, followed by the ever-fabulous: What’s your name? Where are you from? What are you majoring in? game that we all know and love. But in this particular instance, my seminar professor, Dr. Johnson, decided to add on another question: Why are you here? Being the slightly neurotic-type person that I am, I found myself slip into a silent panic upon this curveball of a question. By the time my turn had come, my chances of creating an original answer to what it was I was doing in Moore Hall on that Wednesday morning were far and few.

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