May 29, 2020

Jealousy Not the Only Reason to Dislike Friars Club

posted on: Thursday March 18, 2010

Kyle Farrell ’12 / Guest Commentary

I’d like to contest Jenn DiPirro’s article “Don’t Like Friars Club? You’re Just Jealous.” I’m not burning with jealousy. I neither do nor ever did want to be in the Friars Club. Yet, I dislike them.My purpose in this article is to voice an alternate reason that people dislike the Friars Club. Mainly, I take exception with Jenn DiPirro’s misrepresentation and condemnation of a large percentage of Providence College. While I would like to credit her thesis (“…people hate the Friars Club…because they aren’t in it!”) as partially true, the grossness of her accusation is unfounded, if not libelous. Certainly, some students correspond to her model (really the clich

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