June 4, 2020

Letter to the Editor

posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

Russell P. Demoe ’73

Amnesty International supports abortion! Cowl staff writer Andy Kowal ’10 is the president of the campus AI. He wrote in last week’s Cowl that “AI is not only a valid, but a necessary organization to have on this campus.” As a pro-life supporter since my school days at St. Pius V during the 1930’s, I must disagree. I was taught by the good Dominican Fathers and Sisters that abortion is a serious sin. I have heeded their teachings ever since.Incidentally, AI considers themselves opposed to torture. I disagree because last year Bishop Thomas J. Tobin said, “Scientific studies have shown that abortion is torture because it causes pain and suffering.” At the end of his commentary, Kowal wrote, “there is no other organization I would be prouder to be president of.” I firmly believe what we accept in life, we are. I further believe that supporting abortion is a deterrent to salvation. Real Catholics speak out against abortion. Archbishop Raymond Burke, who is head of the “signature” Vatican Supreme Court, is a strong pro-life advocate. He warned Senator John Kerry [D-MA] during the 2004 presidential election, as Archbishop of St. Louis, MO that he would not be offered Holy Communion because the pick-and-choose Catholic Senator had a history of unsuccessfully voting six times in favor of partial-birth abortion. This was a good move by Archbishop Burke. He is my all time favorite archbishop.Do the present College Administration and the Board of Trustees agree with my opposition to abortion or not? Do they believe AI should have a venue on campus? Today is my 85th birthday. I believe that everyone should have the chance to be born. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (easy on the eyes) gave birth to her son, Trig, knowing beforehand he would be afflicted with Down’s syndrome. It would have been a grave sin against nature if he had been aborted. Love and praise to Sarah Palin. P.S. Is 2010 Commencement speaker Ann Curry pro-life or not? — Russell P. Demoe ’73

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