August 9, 2020

Letters to the Editor

posted on: Thursday October 7, 2010

Professor Thanks Anonymous Student Hero

Dear Providence College Community,

Since I don’t know who to thank in particular, I am sending this campus-wide message of gratitude to the community as a whole.

Some time ago, I lost my wallet. I was frantic, although not entirely because I am an optimistic person and trust that my fate is in God’s hands. After searching and tracing my steps from the bank where I withdrew cash to CVS on Admiral, I did not locate the wallet, which contained my driver’s certificate, medical cards, and cash along with my 96-year-old mother’s medical information. After the second or third day I began to imagine myself at the local DMV and what it would mean to begin the arduous procedure of obtaining duplicates of the documents I carried. The weekend came, and with it a call from one of the staff members at CVS who inquired if I had lost a red wallet. After assuring the staffer that the wallet was mine, I rushed to the CVS and found every single important document, including my ATM card and the cash, soundly tucked away inside the wallet. Obviously I was grateful and inquired as to who returned it. I wanted to meet the person and offer a reward since their honesty had saved me the stress it would have taken to replace each item.

“It was a PC student,” the staff person replied. The person did not give a name or contact information. Not even the person’s gender was mentioned in the description, just that it was a PC student who returned the wallet. Since I don’t know who to thank, I am thanking Providence College as a whole and relish that the students who attend PC are such that any one of them might have been my mystery honest person.

So thank you for being the caliber of students you are. Whoever you are, you made a difference in my life and made me proud to have been a part of the PC community.

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