July 5, 2020

Letters to the Editor

posted on: Thursday October 21, 2010

Two weeks ago, the article “Mad in McDermott, Part 1” was published and sent a wave of rapid response throughout all the residents of McDermott Hall. The general consensus was that the article, while true to some extent, was overall insulting, and was based more on assumption than fact.

I am not arguing against the fact that there was a rating system. What angers me and the majority, if not the entirety, of McDermott residents is that because of this article, we are now all considered, to quote, either “jerks or others.” To accuse a whole building for the actions of a select few is both unnecessary and unprofessional.

Had the article been written in a different way, with an explanation of what really happened as well as a warning that it is only a few people who partake in the rating system, there would be no need to complain. However, because of the negative tone in which the article was written, the lack of fact it displays, and the use of urban dictionary as its main source, the men of McDermott feel that the article should be called into question.

This article not only insults the residents of this building, but also men in general. It states that a McDermott guy has “cheating in his genes,” and refers to the clich

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