June 7, 2020

My Two Cents

posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

Katrina Davino ’10 / Head Copy Editor, Emeritus

With the publication of this week’s issue, Mark Scirocco ’10 will have twice identified homosexual couples as “imitative of the relationship of one man uniting with one woman.” My views on equal rights aside, I take offense to his claim that “homosexuals would be ignorant of what a family looks like if not for the natural and prior relationship of one man with one woman.” According to Scirocco’s views, the only type of meaningful family is that made up of a mother, father, and children, in which the parents’ union has been created for the sole purpose of procreation. This eliminates the possibility of a number of other kinds of family structures—stepfamilies, single-parent families, foster families, extended families, adoptive families, and yes, even families with same-sex parents. As an education major, I have had to learn to respect and care for all different kinds of families, as I will be teaching children from a variety of backgrounds. When attempting to come up with a true definition in my classes, my peers and I have determined that a family is a group of people who identify themselves as a family, whether this involves parents, grandparents, other relatives, or even those who are not blood relations. In his original article Scirocco referenced the U.N.’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” as stating that the family is “the natural and fundamental group unit of society.” I could not agree more. And even if that group unit does not fit Scirocco’s nuclear model, it still deserves to be considered what it is: a family.

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