May 29, 2020

Outing the Gay Agenda

posted on: Thursday March 18, 2010

Jayo Miko Macasaquit ’11 / Commentary Staff

Friends: one in six women in the United States have reported experiencing an attempted or completed rape. The homicide rate, though substantially decreasing in the U.S., is still among the highest in the world. In the same vein—by far the largest threat to our society— homosexuals are trying to marry.In five of the 50 states, in fact, homosexuals are already permitted to do so, not to mention the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon. The fact that five states and an Indian tribe have permitted this despicable act to take place on American soil undermines society at its core and this, my friends, is the pinnacle of the Gay Agenda. Let’s think clearly about this: five states and an Indian tribe have said no to tradition, to one of the staples of society. “Go free,” say five states and an Indian tribe. “There are no rules here now. Frolic, gays!”

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