June 7, 2020

Sights and Sounds of Living on the Quad

posted on: Thursday October 7, 2010

Kaylee Miller ’13 / Commentary Staff

It’s a Thursday night. I am sitting in my room after having left my Civ paper until the night before it’s due. As I am sitting here cracking into the real meaning of Pascal and Descartes, I can’t help but be distracted by the sounds I am hearing outside the window of my dorm room, conveniently located on the upper campus quad. For many, Thursday is the night where the weekend starts early. Let me give you a small hint of the things that I hear outside my window on nights like this.

First of all: the sprinklers. They go off all night, every night. It could have rained three inches that day but the sprinklers will undoubtedly go off. I am all for having a moist, healthy lawn, but multiple times as I have been travelling across the quad I have had to dodge these sprinklers in their violent attacks on me and my computer, and anyone else who is walking alongside me. The power of the sprinklers is never more prevalent than it is on nights like this Thursday night. I can hear the screams from all the girls with their freshly straightened hair and newly worn heals scream in horror that their hours of primping have been ruined.

So, as I continue to work away at my paper, I can hear the music blaring from across the quad, the heels clacking down my hallway, and the huddle of girls outside my window screaming, “FISH CO!” The pre-gaming parties have most likely commenced and everyone heads out to their respective destinations, and for now, I have at least a few quiet hours to work on the paper. For a while all you can hear are the girls standing outside talking to their parents on the phone, or the academics traveling to and from the library.

But then the return attack hits. In some ways, it is almost worse than the noise in the beginning of the night, but in other ways, it is far more amusing. My room, which is in an undisclosed location, has heard many words of wisdom from the males and females standing below our window. There are the always popular men who shout “two fans!” at some random window every time they stand outside the building, ensuring that the entire building will hear them. Other times, there are freshmen boys who quietly strum their guitars until they gain attention from the girls inside. They finish their late night by answering to the requests that the girls of the building have asked of him. The quad is a place of sunbathing, of school work, of frisbee and football. There’s a good chance that tomorrow the lawn mowers will wake me up at the start of their 8 a.m. work day. But at night it comes alive and forms all kinds of entertainment. The noise may keep me up at night and distract me from my studies, but who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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