May 31, 2020

Stop Whining: New Print Policy Not A Problem

posted on: Thursday September 16, 2010

by Jayo Miko Macasaquit ’11 / Commentary Staff

Before you send Jim Rizzo, Manager of the Providence College Helpdesk, and the person placed in charge of the new Print-Release system (also known as pay-for-print), a long-winded, angry e-mail about the absurdity of charging for printing, step out of your privileged temper-tantrum for just a second and reassess exactly why you are angry. In recent years, the campus as a whole has been using around 500,000 sheets of paper a semester, which by some estimates involves the murder of 60 15-year-old trees. If you need a visual, that number exceeds the number of trees Providence College has on campus. Face the fact that you either hate the environment, or you don’t. If you’re willing to allow an inordinate number of trees to be destroyed for the sake of convenience, then you hate the environment, and it hates you. You, environment-hater, are one of those people who justify the use of bottled water through recycling, despite the fact that a significant percentage of American “recycled” plastic bottles cannot be recycled and are sitting in landfills in India. Amidst the rage towards printing limits, people fail to realize what the new system has given us the ability to do. You can now print from your laptop from anywhere in the college that has wireless. Imagine sitting in your dorm room after an all-nighter, sending a print job to the nearest printer, and having it ready to release from that printer when you need it for the class in which it is due. Imagine not having to wait in long lines at the library because someone has decided to print a thousand pages of Ke$ha lyrics, and instead having the option to go to another printer. Also imagine not having to wait behind students from Clubs and Orgs to print 8000 flyers for you to come to their burrito festival. The system now also allows us to print in color, so those who are still choosing to print a thousand pages of Ke$ha lyrics can have an assortment of colors to choose from. Imagine how impressed your professors will be that, for the cover page of your 20-page plagiarized biography of Einstein, you color-printed Einstein’s face photoshopped onto Snooki’s body. Now imagine Snooki’s face on Einstein’s body. I’m on a horse. The possibilities are endless. Aside from the immediate benefits, you will realize that there are a number of indirect perks from limited printing. You’re now presented with a new technology-related excuse for not submitting a paper in time. “That new system!” your hip 20-something-year-old professor will say, “technology’s going too far maaan.”

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