July 5, 2020

Student Congress Killing Trees, Time, and Spirits

posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

James Olivera ’12 / Guest Commentary

How many times have you been sitting in the library, printing before class, or even just leisurely finishing up a paper a few days in advance? OK, scratch that last part. How many times have you been sitting in the library, frantically trying to print out a paper that is ALREADY late, and, as you hit Ctrl-P, you run over to the printer, only to find that some obnoxious person has printed out 20 copies for themselves? Annoying, but manageable, yes?But what about when you run over, and someone is printing 519 copies of the same thing? And not only 519 copies of one page, but of THREE PAGES back AND front? And it is not something for class; it is something for STUDENT CONGRESS. Student Congress, the ones supporting Green Initiatives on campus, the ones promoting the student body, acting as our voice for the administration, the ones who can use the Copy Center for things like this, is printing 519 copies, slowing EVERYONE down that much more. Now you would hope that it’s something of vital importance wouldn’t you? Something so amazingly helpful that they must have some good reason for killing all the trees to make such copies? But no; it’s for voting on April 13 on ANGEL. Instead of putting up posters, or heaven forbid, doing some footwork and speaking to people in person, they see fit to waste EVERYONE’S time and print these things off. But you might say, why not just run over to another printer? Well here is the first big kicker folks—they are printing these on almost ALL THE PRINTERS in the library at different times.Now you might argue that I should just have gotten my stuff printed earlier—and yet, look at that, foiled again. Because this went on for at least two days. Two days in which every time I tried to take advantage of the convenience of the library, I ran up against Congress printing over a thousand pieces of paper. And on top of that, there was NO ONE THERE TO PICK THE DAMN THINGS UP. All but one time I went to check, there was no one was sitting there, waiting to get these, apologizing profusely and offering me a lollipop to make it all better. These stacks of paper, these gargantuan sheafs, just lay there forlorn in the printer pick-up, like a young girl waiting for the prom date that will never come. Except in this case, I have no sympathy. All everyone has got is a lot of lost time, a lot of lost paper and my own personal annoyance enough to write about it in The Cowl.So kudos Student Congress, excellent job wasting my (and everyone else’s) time. Kudos to you, Student Congress, for wasting over a thousand sheets of paper, killing however many trees that went into making them. And thank you finally for no one being there to pick them up. Your advertising campaign has succeeded, for at least any of us who stood at the printer swaying like a drunken ship captain waiting, and waiting, and WAITING for our jobs to finally print so we could get on with our lives. We will most certainly know that we are invited to vote.I by no means intend for this to say that you are not doing great things—I have been thoroughly impressed by many of the things you have done, and having attended meetings, continue to be impressed. But please, please, PLEASE, keep up the great work with things like this.

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