August 15, 2020

Tangents and Tirades

posted on: Monday November 5, 2001

by Stephanie Pietros ’04

Keep it against the true homophobia SHEPARD, PC’s first homosexual discussion club, announced its goals last week, dedicating itself to “Stopping Homophobia, Eliminating Prejudices, and Restoring Dignity.” These are all noble and legitimate objects, but the popular usage of the word “homophobia” needs some attention. Taken literally, the word denotes an aversion to homosexuals, or irrational discomfort surrounding homosexuals and their lifestyle. Popularly, though, it is tossed around freely as a blanket term for anyone against homosexuality as a lifestyle. There is a distinct difference between irrational misunderstanding, hate, and discrimination for homosexuality and moral disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle. The former ought to be condemned, as SHEPARD does, and the latter should be respected and understood as a legitimate belief, not derided into silence. Otherwise, discussion and understanding are replaced with the very alienation and ignorance against which we should all be fighting. -Dave Holman ’03 Oh no, not scantily clad models What’s the name of that magazine sold at the grocery store-the one famous for such features as “Cheers and Jeers”? Oh, yes-I believe it is called TV Guide. You could be excused for forgetting the name, though, since the people who run the magazine seem to have done so. Last week’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone cover falls in the footsteps of such non-TV covers as the Planet of the Apes cover and the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace cover. Don’t these movies have enough publicity without invading the territory of other media? If magazines don’t stick to their proper subject matter, the trend could spiral out of control. Next thing you know, scantily clad models will be appearing in sports magazines. – James Kabala ’02 World War One What? This whole daylight savings thing is starting to get to me. Where did this magical new hour come from? Is there some sort of time warehouse that stores all the missing hours that we lost when we set the clocks forward a few months ago? Is anyone else frightened by the fact that society has come up with these general rules that everyone abides by? I can only envision some crazy little old man cackling and rubbing his hands together in malevolent splendor, just waiting for the chance to unleash his dark plan to turn time on its head. Is he the one who made this decision? I certainly hope not and so shouldn’t you. -John McHugh ’03 Mazeltov on the messages Last week I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my phone messages, expecting to hear the usual boring “this is a message from the Chaplains Office…” Instead, I got a message wishing Jewish students and faculty a Happy New Year and a nice Yom Kippur. It is nice to know that the administration was thinking about other faiths and is recognizing the Jewish High Holidays. -Sasha Gillin ’04Is this a dagger I see? The city of Providence has dropped its case against Sher B. Singh for carrying a ceremonial dagger symbolic of his Sikh religion onto a train thought to be carrying suspects in the Sept. 11 attack. Cianci applauded this decision, stating that such a case would run counter to the city’s original purpose as a bastion of religious tolerance. In the same breath, Cianci praised the Providence Police for taking appropriate action in arresting Singh for violating a law against concealed weapons, despite the fact that there was no apparent reason for searching Singh in the first place except for the fact that he “looked Muslim.” If religious tolerance means that people can be stopped, searched, and arrested simply because of the way they look and dress, Roger Williams ought to step down off his ivory pedestal downtown and keep looking for a true safe haven for faith. -Erin Simmeth ’03 We will, we will shock you Please stop playing music at sports games! I feel like I am inside a Tony Hawk video game. It is aggravating to hear brief snippets of music, usually no more than a few seconds long. It distracts me when my feeble brain is trying to pay attention to what’s going on in the game, not to mention the fact that the music is typically in poor taste. At the hockey game on Sunday night, every time someone got a penalty, “Bad to the Bone” was played. I hardly think that it is appropriate to glorify an athlete’s negative behavior in this manner. We have enough of that in professional athletics. Let’s strive for a higher standard and remember that it is about watching the game, not the pop culture interludes.

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