May 29, 2020

Tangents & Tirades

posted on: Thursday February 18, 2010

Commentary Staff

No Snow, No Solace. Even though everyone loves a great snow day, it seems as though this past one was neither great nor productive. With the basketball loss the night before, everyone was looking forward to doing something fun the next day to forget about the loss. Upon finding out that classes were cancelled at the very end of the heart-breaking loss, the students at the Dunk were relieved that the next day might bring about some fun in which to distract ourselves. But when there were no snow ball fights the next day, and no sledding (partly because of the lack of trays from Ray), students were forced to do work or other boring activities that didn’t provide any solace from the loss the past evening. Once again PC’s thoughts turned to hopes that our team will pick up speed in the next couple of weeks before going into the Big East Tournament. And if the close loss against Nova and the win against UConn provide enough hope, our loving PC fans will stay true until the final game of the season, just like every season. —Jeff Gahan ’11

Wanted: Lower Ears. I need a haircut; there is no doubt about it. It’s down past my nose now in front…and I don’t have a very small nose. I used to cut it when it got long enough to poke me in the eye. After all, that’s pretty annoying. But now, I don’t know what’s gotten into me. The problem is, I don’t really like paying for haircuts. It seems like a waste of money. Sure, a barber has a skill that he had to work for, but it’s not like we couldn’t survive without it. I don’t have a lot of extra money to throw around, but as a result I have a lot of extra hair to throw around. Well, whatever, so I look like one of the Hanson brothers or something. If it bothers you so much, you can cut my hair for free, deal? — Ben Perry ’10

Alum Good For RI. Recently, Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) announced he would not seek re-election. While some might welcome this news (Kennedy has had some issues in the past), I had mixed feelings. For one thing I love elections and they are usually only competitive when an incumbent is not on the ballot. But, I live in Rhode Island’s other congressional district so I cannot vote. Regardless of anything about his personal struggles I believe that Kennedy has been a great representative for Rhode Island. In a place where the power you wield is determined on seniority and what committee you sit on, Kennedy has been in the house for eight terms and sits on the very important House Appropriations Committee. Through his work on mental health, hate crimes, and civil rights, Rhode Island should be very grateful to this Providence College alum. — Andy Kowal ’10

When Extending Rights is Wrong. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used again you in a court of law,” states the typical Miranda warning. Miranda rights came into existence in the 1960s via a U.S. Supreme Court decision to ensure criminal suspects arrested in the United States were fairly afforded their Fifth Amendment rights. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that those rights apply to non-American citizens, yet the Obama administration has staunchly defended its practice of reading Miranda rights to enemies of war captured on the battlefield as well as trying suspected terrorists in civilian courts. Shouldn’t acts of terrorism be treated differently than a DUI? President Obama believes this new policy initiative proves to the world that America is committed to fair justice for all, but he fails to recognize that his actions are actually portrayed as immeasurably weak.—Joe Sirianni ’10

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