July 5, 2020

Tangents & Tirades

posted on: Thursday March 18, 2010

Commentary Staff

Blame it on the Printer Demons We’ve all said it, the classic “I wrote the paper, but my printer wasn’t working.” A professor of mine recently introduced me to the idea of “printer demons,” while trying to fathom why three of her students blamed faulty printers on their inability to hand in a paper. They strike at the opportune moment; our black ink cartridge runs dry just before a paper is due. So, we valiantly venture over to the Phillips Memorial Library. But as it would go, the printer demons follow, and we soon find ourselves on line at the printer behind someone who is printing out an exhilarating 90 pages on Martin Heidegger. Our next move is to try another part of the library. But, as evident by the eight people hopelessly standing around it, there is a paper jam at the printer. So, we go back to the one we started with to find that the Heidegger aficionado has departed with his 90 pages, and an additional six pages on Moliere’s use of satire in Tartuffe, ironically enough, the very topic of our paper. Printer demons don’t discriminate; Canon or HP, library or dorm room, they are just waiting to make you their next paperless victim.—Kerry Vaughn ’12

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