July 11, 2020

Tangents & Tirades

posted on: Wednesday March 24, 2010

Commentary Staff

Thinker’s BlockSometimes the well of ideas runs dry. It’s not like there is a draught or lack of brainstorming, it’s just an issue of overdrawing. A brain can only come up with so many ideas at a time, after all. Some brains have more of a capacity for this sort of thing, like Edison’s or Franklin’s, but sooner or later every brain runs out of ideas. Sometimes there’s a warning, like the sound of a bucket scraping the bottom of the well. You think, “Uh oh, I’m going to run out of water soon” but you still keep drawing water up because you’re thirsty and you need to drink to survive. Once that well runs dry, you just have to wait for a little rain shower to fill it up again. It won’t stay dry…hopefully.—Ben Perry ’10

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