July 5, 2020

Tangents & Tirades

posted on: Thursday October 7, 2010

Commentary Staff

Those Were The Days. Don’t get me wrong, I really like living in the apartments. Mal Brown is sweet, especially after the new renovations, and it is so roomy. I do miss certain aspects of living in a dorm, though. I miss the fact that I could go to the bathroom at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday and talk to the girl who lives down the hall. I miss it being socially acceptable to hang out in the hallway and run around like an idiot. I miss having multiple rooms to go hang out in. I miss knowing my neighbors. I miss actually worrying about RA’s writing me up because in an apartment you would have to be a complete idiot for that to happen. I miss the risk. I miss banging on my neighbor’s wall telling them to shut up when they yell or play clubbing music at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night when I have an exam the next day. As a matter of fact, being an upperclassmen in general is kind of a let-down. I don’t want to get serious and buckle down — resumes, internships, applying to graduate school. I’m over it and it’s just starting. I miss being a foolish freshman. So can we put a quick freeze on all of this, because it is going by way too fast! — Jenn DiPirro ’12

Eaton Street Urchins. Being a senior at PC, I’ve been around the block a few times. And by block, I mean Eaton Street. We’ve all been there Friday and Saturday night, maybe on your way for a night out or even searching for a house party. But this year I’ve noticed that the place is just crawling with people. Like, a ton of people. Is it just me or is Eaton way more crowded than usual? Is it the larger freshman class? Is it Johnson and Wales or RIC kids looking for a good time? Who knows what the deal is, but Eaton needs to get its act together. Let’s get rid of some of these street urchins. Freshmen, get your fake IDs already and go to Clubbies. You just have to, I’m sorry. It’s part of the deal. The rest of you underclassmen, go to your respective bars, whichever they may be — I’m getting too old to remember. But leave Eaton Street alone, you’re just going to get heckled by cops who have nothing better to do than bust kids for walking around with red cups. Hopefully Eaton will be restored to its former pristine condition and all will be right in the world of PC. — Ally Pelle ’11

Janina, My Love. There is something comforting and homey about being greeted by someone with genuine kindness when you enter a place where you plan to eat. “Hi, how are you doing honey?” That simple motherly greeting makes me feel like I am home again. Though Ray food may be as far from Mom’s cooking as a lump of coal is from a diamond, thanks to Janina, Ray feels like home. Janina is a card swiper at Ray. The best way to describe her is as a joyous woman with a stern yet gentle demeanor, built straight from good old Polish stock. She greets you when you walk in with a big smile and a kind word, swipes your PC ID and sends you on your way. It’s like when your mom would stand with a bagged lunch as you rushed out the door on your way to school back at home. Though your mother never hunted you down for not taking the lunch or for having too many meals in one day. Still, you cannot fault a woman for taking her job seriously. She knows she has a job to do and come hell or high water she is going to do it. One day she may give you a stern talking to and send you packing, sulking as you go to wither away your meager Slavin budget. But come the next day she will be smiling so much that it seems as if her reading glasses will pop right off her face, catapulted by her swelling dimples. So here’s to you Janina. Thank you for making Ray feel like home. — Tommy Cody ’13

N64 Still King. Call me a caveman, but the Nintendo 64 still seems to be the best gaming system out there, despite what the “gaming society” tells me. I don’t know about your dorm room, but this classic relic still gets the most use out of any of its modern counterparts. Yes, you read that right. The Playstation 3 has long been forgotten and instead collects dust in the corner, while the XBOX 360 sits in the same box it arrived in waiting for the $299 price tag to be removed. While these cutting edge systems sit idly by, languishing in their newfound “bourgeois” existence, the venerable N64 gets the lions’ share of work. But what is it about this iconic old beast which still manages to out-dual the sleekest most powerful modern game system? Perhaps it is the lightweight plastic “made in China” feel. Maybe it is the particular shade of the sleek grey box which contrasts so well with the fluorescent lighting. Could it be those amazingly responsive controllers that lag behind by three seconds? Could it be the stunning realism and technicolor graphics? Or maybe it is the adorable pixilated characters of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi who inspire us to live more adventurous lives and chase every last coin. Whatever the exact explanation may be, the old N64 should get the award for resilience and entertainment value over time. Just think, in two years time you will go out and get that new PS4 for $699 just because the gaming gods tell you it is the “next generation” and yet, you will still manage to play it less than the N64, currently on sale on Amazon for all of $20. — Ewen Finser ’12

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