May 29, 2020

Tangents & Tirades

posted on: Thursday September 23, 2010

Providence College Students

Bicycles > Ray. When it comes to packing for college, a bicycle should be at the top of your list. Having a bike on campus is liberating and incredibly convenient. It gives you those extra five minutes to relax in the morning, before biking like a maniac to get to class on time. Most importantly, having a bike on campus leads to an endless list of potential adventures. Some of these include night bike rides, casual bike races, exploring around Providence and cruising the Providence bike path. So, if you are still attempting to survive off of Ray cafeteria food, you’ll quickly learn that having a bike on campus is more important than having a meal plan (and probably healthier). Even if you do indulge in the Ray gourmet, biking around Friday and Saturday nights is a great way to burn off those fake donuts and oily pizza while getting great entertainment from stumbling students. So stop by the junk yard today to pick up an old fashioned Schwinn or Raleigh, and you’ll discover how much better the world would be if we had wheels instead of legs. — Megan Costello ’12

Sunday Night Blues. So it’s 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon at Providence. Your classes are over and the weekend has finally arrived. You’ve had a long week filled with Civ seminars, Bible readings, and long waits in the Raymond Hall deli line. You’ve been looking forward to the weekend for five excruciating days. Your Friday night is a blast, Saturday is even better, and you love every second of the glorious Fall weekend. You spent time with your friends, got some work done, and maybe even called your mom. But wait, the fun can’t last forever. Sunday night hits and you’re overcome with a strange, sad feeling. It’s Sunday Night Depression. Yup, SND. Welcome to college, because this feeling will haunt the hours of 9-12 every single Sunday night for the next four years. It’s the realization that your weekend flew by and another week of classes looms ahead. The dark, ominous dread fills your chest. There is nothing you can do. Sit on the couch with your roommates and do your best to fight the inevitable tears. Tomorrow is another Monday, and your life sucks for the next five days. Suck it up and look forward to Friday. — Ally Pelle ’11

Don’t Mess With The Bieb. It bothers me how much people hate on Justin Bieber. His music is actually pretty catchy and you can’t help but like it. Also, if we were 12 right now, we would all be in love with him. He is the modern day version of Justin Timberlake and let’s face it, even JT looked like a brillo pad back in the ‘Bye Bye Bye’ days. We have no right to hate on Bieber. As a matter of fact, I have Bieber fever. The kid is a stud. He sings with Usher and Ludacris, which is pretty legit. He is a 16-year-old millionaire. If you’re going to hate him, let it be on that principle alone. My first car was a Nissan, and his first rides were a Lamborghini and a Range Rover. But I’m alright with it because I wasn’t selling millions of records as an infant. And as far as I can tell, the kid is a pretty decent role model. I mean, he doesn’t have a coke problem, a baby mama, or a SCRAM bracelet like LiLo. Well, not yet. So let’s not hate on the kid because even Kim Kardashian likes him! — Jenn DiPirro ’12

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